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40th ACP Leader (August 2015 – February 2016)

5th ACP AUSIA Commander (April 2015 – February 2016)

People’s Imperial Confederation Leader and Creator (October 2019 – April 2021)

Club Penguin Army Headquarters Associate Director (May 2021 – Present)

GT Leader (June 2014 – August 2014)

Marines Leader and Legend (2014)

Founder of the first AUSIA Division (2011)

Voted Best Owner at CPAC Gala 2015

Voted Second Best Leader at CPAC Gala 2015

Small/Medium Army Legend (2012)

Sidie9 Promoted to Third in Command of the ACP – 

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ACP AUSIA Commander Meetup c. 2015


Absent/Message to Waterkid

Hot Sauce Army

Hey everyone, this post is mainly for LEADERS so I don’t get DEMOTED as I have previously in the past even though they still did anyway, and also my “dear friend” waterkid. I’m going on a holiday for a week to South Australia and I will have no internet there so overall I will be out of action for that period of time, and I hope I am excused.

A message before I go to a couple of people is to Waterfaggot. I noticed ioioluk is trying to protect you from the post I wrote, which had nothing to do with him. Well I say this, go waddle around with your dumbass friends who can’t realise the truth about you. I remember that one day when I was a noob leading a noob army on their chat with my best friend when you came online and insulted him just…

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Bon Voyage! Final Event of Jemma and Emma

People's Imperial Confederation of Club Penguin

For a final time,
Hello Confeds!

The last event for Emma and I took place tonight on the server Abominable on Club Penguin Rewritten. Over a year of our leadership has led to this and it did not disappoint! This was one of the best events I’ve had the pleasure of leading and I will never forget it. 20 PIC members were in attendance, repeating some iconic tactics and having an absolute blast. Thank you to everyone who came, I will never forget you! Leading this army has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, you all have brought me so much happiness and joy. I am forever in your debt. Thank you for all of the kind and heartfelt messages you have sent us, they mean the world to me. Emma and I will still be active in the Discord, so don’t worry about us disappearing.

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The Retirement of Sidie9 and Lunch Room

People's Imperial Confederation of Club Penguin

Hello Confederates and all readers.

I created PIC on the 17th of October in 2019 as a passion project with my good friend David, also known as Proditor, for a final run in the Club Penguin Army community. I had no idea that the People’s Imperial Confederation would come this far, and I am so proud that I, along with my team, have worked in creating and molding this wonderful community that so many people call home. My amazing girlfriend Emma (lunch room) joined me in PIC in the March of 2020. Together we have been a fantastic duo of leaders. We have accomplished so much and have enjoyed our long tenure as Commanders-in-Chief of this amazing group. After over one year of service to this army we call home, it is time that Emma and I (Jemma/Sidie9) finally retire this coming Monday, April 19th 2021.

I’d like to thank…

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AUSIA Bids Farewell to Commanders Emma and Jemma.. And So Did CPR

People's Imperial Confederation of Club Penguin

Hello Comrades!

Tonight we had a spontaneous AUSIA event to honor Commander Emma and Jemma’s newly announced retirement. AUSIA events have always been something I really enjoy leading with the two of them so I wanted to do one final one to honor their time and dedication to the army: they are both loved greatly by PIC and we will miss them so much. After hours full of Minecraft excitement (and a drug bust that will be covered in another post), we logged onto Blizzard, CPR for a super fun event. With an incredible max of 20 PIC members: we made Emma and Jemma unbelievably proud by achieving a max of 20 for the first time in PIC’s third generation.

This event was going EXCELLENT with fun and laughs being shared among VC and #event-chat, until….

Yeahhh…. Whoops.

Some of our members were given 24 hour bans with Commander…

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I’m Still Here

Queen Of The Clouds

hello elsa

yes its me lol


Hi Panda.