The Odyssey

Sidie9 and Vexillarius. Those are two of the many names that I have been known by during my long and challenging journey.

 After realising that the community was purely US and UK based during my times as an newcomer in the community, I set out to create the first Australian and Asian Division, now known as “AUSIA.” I was successful, even though the division never became as big as I had hoped. I remained as one of the only Australian/Asian leaders for a long time until Flipmoo had returned to the community in 2013 and brought AUSIA Divisions to prominence.

Ever since the revolutionary rise of AUSIA Divisions occurred I have been chasing after the goals that would assist me in completing my purpose in the community, one of them being the reunification of the legendary Army of Club Penguin AUSIA Division. My work continues to this very day, and only God knows when my work has been completed.

Welcome to the website of Sidie9, the fifth ACP AUSIA Commander

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