About Sidie9

I am Sidie9 or Eva. I have gone by several names in the past, including Vexillarius.

Welcome to my personal blog – a hub for my most memorable moments in the Club Penguin Army Community. I am Sidie9, but you may call me Sidie or Vex. I joined armies in 2011 in an interesting army named the “Ice Warriors” under the leadership of Iceyfeet1234. I couldn’t attend many of their events because I was Australian and there weren’t any Australian/Asian Divisions at the time, so I decided to create the first AUSIA (Australian/Asian) Division in history alongside my other friends, and named it the “Army of Darkness.” We had an intense hatred of the Army of Club Penguin, an army which we viewed as inherently evil.

I later joined other armies such as the Rebel Penguin Federation under the leadership of a German leader named Ziehen, and later Atm23. I still remember waking up at 6 in the morning to attend a battle against the Army of Club Penguin. We sadly lost, but I refused to admit defeat because I was new to the community and didn’t want to lose. Tenacity has remained a trait of mine to this day.

Memory of my time in armies in 2012 is somewhat blurry to me, but I remember leading several AUSIA armies at the time to the SMAC Medium Top Ten (which at the time meant the world to me) and joining other armies such as the Nachos and UMA, which led to me meeting many new people in the community.

The Army of Darkness: the first Australian/Asian army.

Army of Darkness battle with an ACP patrol.


RPF right before beginning to Joke Bomb the Army of Club Penguin.


I remained irrelevant in the community for a significantly long time. This would last until I joined the Army of Club Penguin in 2013, hailed in by Flipmoo/Slimball2007. I was initially aggressive towards Flipmoo for what I viewed as him taking credit for my own achievement: the creation of AUSIA. This tension soon eased and my relationship with him stabilised, leading us to become good friends to this day. I remained in the ACP until I failed in a high command trial, and I was banished from the army in a rage. I would then lead the Golden Troops alongside Jerry, Sercan and Tempah, reaching astonishing sizes for AUSIA not seen in the community for months.

Due to internal politics I was forced to exit the Golden Troops, and my banishment from the Army of Club Penguin was lifted. I rejoined in November 2014 under the leadership of Mrtchy, the Commander in Chief, as Flipmoo had retired. I promised to myself that I would stay in a single army and work my way up the ranks, and ACP was indeed the most prestigious army at the time. I felt something in ACP I had never felt before. I had found a home. A place in which people love and care for me. It was for this reason I stayed, and in August 2015 the Commander in Chief Bam117 announced his resignation. I was announced as the new leader of the Army of Club Penguin. My career began with the goal of destroying my greatest enemy, the ACP. I was now its leader. The 40th Commander in Chief.

I led the ACP from August 8th 2015 until February 10th 2016. For 7 long months I fought army after army, including the Rebel Penguin Federation. I dealt with scandal after scandal. Cheating in the community was rampant, ‘multilogging’ became the norm. Yet I never faltered. I took ACP’s mantra to heart: “Defend Freedom, Preserve Justice”. My retirement post from the Army of Club Penguin may be found here. I left the community, and I was no where to be seen for 4 years.

AUSIA Battle: ACP v Rebel Penguin Federation.

Reclamation of Breeze from the Light Troops.

On an unsuspecting day in September 2019, I learnt that the army community had continued, a community I had thought died with the closure of the original Club Penguin. In addition, the Army of Club Penguin would be returning under the leadership of a member from the old community, Chainpro. I expressed intent to join, and I was granted the rank of Field Marshal, or Second in Command. I would lead in many battles, including in the War of No Return against the Recon Federation of Club Penguin.

Yet something remained unfulfilled for me. I wanted to establish a new legacy in the new army community, and so I had the idea of recreating the People’s Republic Army. Unknown to me, the leader of RFCP Prior Bumble was a former Commissar of the army, and made it clear that any recreations of the PRA were invalid according to RFCP law. I apologised to him and ensured I had no ill intent, and that I respected him for his leadership in the War of No Return. I insisted I would make my own army, the People’s Imperial Confederation, instead. He understood and we remained on good terms.

I was soon banished from the Army of Club Penguin after PIC transferred two servers to the Recon Federation, with the ACP declaring war on the Confederation. We fought valiantly, but we were definitively defeated. ACP had won the war, but we remained standing and fought knowing the odds were against us. I am proud of it to this day.

Battle between the ACP and RFCP.

PIC v ACP: The Battle of Sub Zero.